onsdag 27 oktober 2010

HTML 5 Canvas and .toDataURL

the Canvas object in HTML 5 contains alot of great things
one of the interesting things is that it has a implemented method to get the data inside the canvas as a base64 encoded string.

So if you would
var img1=new Image();
var img2=new Image();
var canvas=document.createElement('canvas');
var canvas2d=canvas.getContext("2d");
var data=canvas.toDataURL();

Data will now contain a png image with both the images.
Encoded using base64 easy to send using ajax or store in a field.
You can draw images, plot dots, draw lines, boxes.

There is some online painting sites that already is using this.

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söndag 3 oktober 2010

Can't imagine that any other system is this simple when upgrading

Upgrading from Domino 8.5.1 with Traveler to 8.5.2 with traveler no problem
and it takes no time.

1. I copied the installation files to the server 3 files

Domino 8.5.2
Traveler 8.5.2
Domino HF for SMTP

2. Shutdown the domino services

3. Started installation files for Domino

4. Started installation file for Hotfix

5. Started installation for Traveler

6. Started domino services again

Total time of upgrade max 15 minutes, bet that Microsoft if you can!!!

Of course we need to upgrade mailboxes but that can be done later no need for that
And there might be some other problems with your server but this server was straight forward no problem ;-)

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