fredag 10 december 2010

Think if Lotus Notes and Symphony worked like this

You could store templates inside a nsf and use them using a special richtext light type.

Or if there existed a special xpage control for this. Thighter integration between lotus notes and Symphony is needed to get a larger customer base. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

fredag 3 december 2010

Mailto links with attachments

I tried this several times but with no luck.

the ordinary syntax for mailto links is like a ordinary url
first parameter starts with a ? next parameter and so with & nothing complicated here

creates a new email with the default client

mailto:emailadress?subject=My email
Created a new email and the subject is my Email

mailto:emailadress?subject=My email&body=some text
Same as above but with "some text" in the body field

mailto:emailadress?subject=My email&body=some text&attach=c:\tempfile.txt
Same as above but you will also automatic attach the file tempfile.txt
most of the examples that is shown on the net is for outlook and they use another parameter name &attachments= this doesn't work with Lotus Notes
You can also use cc and bcc to add people in these fields automatically.
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fredag 26 november 2010

The return of the Notes Workspace, thanks Apple

I had a discussion with a colleague about the simillarity of the Notes workspace and the IPhone / IPad homescreen layout.

If the Notes clients icons would be over the hole icon instead of at the top left corner, and you would add some shading and glossy by it self to the image.

If the background of the workspace would be a high def image and the user could change it by them self.

The Notes Workspace would be a design the users would feel like something new and fresh like the IPhone but it will be the same old workspace.

Then the Icons and the background could look something like this, What a difference...

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onsdag 27 oktober 2010

HTML 5 Canvas and .toDataURL

the Canvas object in HTML 5 contains alot of great things
one of the interesting things is that it has a implemented method to get the data inside the canvas as a base64 encoded string.

So if you would
var img1=new Image();
var img2=new Image();
var canvas=document.createElement('canvas');
var canvas2d=canvas.getContext("2d");
var data=canvas.toDataURL();

Data will now contain a png image with both the images.
Encoded using base64 easy to send using ajax or store in a field.
You can draw images, plot dots, draw lines, boxes.

There is some online painting sites that already is using this.

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söndag 3 oktober 2010

Can't imagine that any other system is this simple when upgrading

Upgrading from Domino 8.5.1 with Traveler to 8.5.2 with traveler no problem
and it takes no time.

1. I copied the installation files to the server 3 files

Domino 8.5.2
Traveler 8.5.2
Domino HF for SMTP

2. Shutdown the domino services

3. Started installation files for Domino

4. Started installation file for Hotfix

5. Started installation for Traveler

6. Started domino services again

Total time of upgrade max 15 minutes, bet that Microsoft if you can!!!

Of course we need to upgrade mailboxes but that can be done later no need for that
And there might be some other problems with your server but this server was straight forward no problem ;-)

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fredag 17 september 2010

XPages Event parameters solution found

It's very interesting that event parameters retrieval is totally undocumented and there is no articles / blogentries about it on the web. You should know that I have been searching and trying to get the solution thru the community but with no luck.

But Now I have found the solution

When triggering a onClick event the this object will contain a XspEventHandler and
this object has a method called getParameters() this method will return a Java ArrayList.
The arraylist will contain the parameters with name and value.
So to print all parameters you can walk thru them like this

var value=this.getParameters();
var tmp="";
tmp+=value.get(x).getName()+" - "+value.get(x).getValue();

tmp will then contain a string will all the names and data of the event parameters for you to display.

Check out my article in the application development wiki

fredag 10 september 2010

Anybody know how event parameters work in XPages

I have been searching for information on how to retrieve them but with no luck.
It's probably dead simple but I don't know how. If you do please send me and comment ;-)

The solution

tisdag 31 augusti 2010

Inbox Rules engine could be used for more

Lotus competencesImage via WikipediaThis if the rules engine of Lotus Notes could be used for more than sorting emails into folders.

When working in the inbox you would like it to help you. Imagine if you automatically could create tasks,calendar appointments from certain incoming emails.

Perhaps create documents in the notebook template to store interesting newsletters.
a more intelligent inbox that can automatically do stuff for you and just leave a summary in the inbox for you like the out of office summary would be a great help to everybody that receives alot of emails.

Googles approach with the priority inbox, that sorts the emails with different priority depending how often you send / read emails to a recipient is also very interesting but that will probably only solve a little bit of the problem.
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måndag 30 augusti 2010

Agent alias revisited in 8.5.2 Gold

As I wrote before about having aliases on agents that doesn't have brackets around them.
Although the agent itself is only shown in the agent list, in 8.5.1 this did break the agent name.
And in earlier code drops of 8.5.2 this was an problem too. But as I wrote in my Earlier post I was confident that this would be solved until we reach GOLD of 8.5.2 and it did so if you have used agents that has a name like this "(my agent)" and an alias like this "my agent" this works really well now in 8.5.2.

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torsdag 5 augusti 2010

söndag 20 juni 2010

Swedish army changing email

The swedish armed forces decided to change to Lotus Notes in 2001 and the project was fully implemented in 2005. They have now decided to replace Lotus Notes / Domino with MS Exchange and one of the major reasons why they do this is because Lotus Notes doesn't support the new security classification that the new SAP system they will begin to use "Prio" require this.

The interesting part is that the company that implements "Prio" for the armed forces is IBM.
So the new SAP system that IBM is implementing will move the 20 000 users from Lotus Notes to Exchange.

Some swedish Links

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söndag 6 juni 2010

Finding the end of the code segment in a java agent

My Tags :)Image by halidCan! (: via Flickr

If you edit some java code in the new eclipse based Domino designer you can find the end of your code by placing the cursor behind the start { then the end } will get a box around it

But if you doubleclick at the start { you get this instead much easier to find the end or what do you think?

I think this is a great way to find the end.

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Does the lack of fullscreen editing in the eclipse based designer annoy you

I hate it until I found a way around it, that I haven't seen this documented.

Just double click on the tab you want to edit in fullscreen.
And double click again you you want to go back.

Simple, yes

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lördag 5 juni 2010

Notes Icons becomes simpler in 8.5.2

In the CD:s of Notes 8.5.2 (Beta) the great addition of adding an image as a icons is added.
Finally, this is a great addition that makes the creation of Application icons much simpler.

You can add gif and jpeg images that is 32x32 in size as your application icon.

fredag 4 juni 2010

HTML 5 Smokescreen kills flash totally

The demo of the new soon to become opensource JS library SmokeScreen.
Displays flash with out flash installed on your computer.

Check it out it's very cool, now all the major browsers just have to support html5
and we can skip flash. And the installation is so simple just check out this.

torsdag 3 juni 2010

Flattr a micro-payment service with flatrate, invite ?

You might have heard about Flattr or not.

Flattr is a service on the net still in Beta that gives you the possibility to show your
appreciation/flatter for a blog post, a website some freeware software and you do this with a Flatrate. ou click on Flattr buttons and every button you have clicked share your flattr money that month. Could be good to have in the Lotus community to show appreciation with.

I have some flattr invites that I can give out if someone is interested. Post a comment and I will
have a little lottery among all you who send me a comment.

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onsdag 2 juni 2010

You never becomes surprised with Microsoft

Microsoft Word 2010 IconImage via Wikipedia

I was working with a strange error when working with Word from the Notes client today. I was opening a .Doc file (word 97 format) editing the file and pressed save. And when I reopened the wordfile I got an error that the textconverter mswrd632.wpc doesn't work.

Strange I thought. After some investigation I found out that, Word is actually saving docx file format within the .doc file despite the fact that the file was in word 97 format before.
And when I reopen the file Word is giving the problem because due to a security update one file extension can't contain another file format.

IBM please focus on integrating good richtext editors, the users want this!!

This is the fix for enable open of .doc files with .docx content

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tisdag 1 juni 2010

Run from agent list adds brackets to alias also

The Agents name in 8.5.1 becomes strange in if you have an alias in 8.5.1
it starts with a ( and ends with a bracket after the alias name.

In 8.5.2 Code drop 4 Beta this is fixed with a bracket around both the name and the alias.
But this will breaks your old applications if you have added agent names without brackets.

In 8.5.1 you could do a work around by creating the agent with brackets around the name
with the option "from action menu selection" to fix this.

I'm confident that IBM will solve this until we get a Gold release of 8.5.2.

onsdag 12 maj 2010

If your Notes client 8.5.x client doesn't start

Lotus Notes 8 running in ParallelsImage by Bruce Elgort via Flickr

The first thing you want to check is if there is a conflict with already running old Notes clients.

You can use "killnotes" but even better you can use the built in tool nsd.exe and add the parameter -kill.

To kill the notesclient write path to notes program folder i.e

"c:\program files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\nsd.exe" -kill

try to restart your client if it still doesn't work, you need to do the procedure above again.
you also need to delete everything inside the workspace folder (don't delete the folder) that is located within the Notes\Data folder (a backup might be in order, just in case)

And try again to start the client this will take alot of time because the workspace folder is recreated

Visit my new site at

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