måndag 27 juni 2011

Change password of is file using cmdline or api

Does anybody know if it's possible to change password on a notes id file using some c api or using a prebuild commandline application?

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  1. yes, if you know the original password

  2. open Designer help. look for the Notesregistration class. read description of the Recertify method.

    Now cook up some LotusScript or Java!

  3. oops, too fast. (I wrote registration agents a long time ago...)

    1. if you have the IDVault feature deployed, you can use notesSession.ResetUserPassword method in an agent running on the server.
    2. Use C-API call SECKFMChangePassword, an example is provided by developer guru Bill Buchan here: http://www.hadsl.com/hadsl.nsf/Dev_Buchan_Everything%20You%20Need%20to%20Know%20About%20Agent%20Design.pdf